What to say when they send “Talk to you later”

When someone sends a breezy Talk to you later via text, it can be a bit… ambiguous. Are they really interested in catching up soon, or are they just blowing you off? Either way, you want to respond in a way that keeps the conversation light and friendly, while also conveying your own level of interest. Here are some strategies and example sentences to help you navigate this common texting conundrum.

Play it cool and casual

When in doubt, a simple acknowledgement can go a long way. You’re not committing to anything concrete, but you’re also not leaving them hanging.

Cool, talk to you soon!

Sounds good! Have a great day

Awesome, catch you later!

Show interest and keep the conversation going

If you’re genuinely interested in catching up with this person, try to keep the conversation flowing. You can ask a question, make a lighthearted comment, or share a quick anecdote.

What’s new with you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Haha, yeah, talk to you later! Just getting back from a crazy weekend

Aww, thanks! I was just thinking about trying out that new restaurant downtown. Have you been?

Politely defer or decline

Sometimes, you might not be interested in talking to this person, or you might be too busy. It’s okay to set boundaries or politely decline.

Hey, thanks for reaching out! I’m swamped with work/stuff right now, but maybe catch up soon?

I’m not sure when I’ll be free, but we can try to schedule something later

Thanks for the text! I think I’ll pass for now, but thanks for thinking of me

Add a personal touch

If you have a prior connection or inside joke with this person, don’t be afraid to bring it up. This can help rekindle the conversation and add some warmth to your response.

Haha, yeah, talk to you later! Still thinking about that crazy party last month

Sounds good! I still owe you a coffee from last time, right?

Awesome, catch you later! Did you ever finish that book I recommended?

Ultimately, the key is to respond in a way that feels natural and authentic to your tone and relationship with the person. Keep it light, friendly, and concise, and you’ll be well on your way to a pleasant texting exchange. Happy texting!

Be kind ❤

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