What to say when they say “I just feel so stuck”

When someone confides in you that they’re feeling stuck, it can be a daunting responsibility. You want to help them, but you’re not sure where to start. The truth is, it’s not about having all the answers; it’s about being present and empathetic. Here are some strategies and phrases to help you navigate these conversations with care:

First, acknowledge their emotions. Validation is key in these situations. Let them know that you understand it’s tough to feel stuck and that you’re there to support them.

I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for you. I’m here to listen and help if I can.

That sounds really tough. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Can you tell me more about what’s been going on?

Next, help them identify the source of their stuck-ness. Ask open-ended questions to encourage them to reflect on their situation.

What do you think is causing you to feel stuck? Is it related to a specific event or decision?

How have you been feeling physically and emotionally lately? Have you noticed any changes?

What are your goals and priorities right now? Are there any obstacles in the way of achieving them?

Listen actively and attentively to their responses. This will help them feel heard and understood, which can be incredibly empowering.

Just to make sure I understand, you’re saying that…

That makes a lot of sense. I can see why you’d feel stuck in that situation.

I’m so proud of you for recognizing that. That takes a lot of courage.

Now, it’s time to explore potential solutions together. Avoid giving unsolicited advice, as this can come across as dismissive of their feelings. Instead, work collaboratively to generate ideas.

What do you think would need to happen for you to feel unstuck? Are there any small steps we could take towards that?

Have you considered talking to a professional about this? Sometimes a fresh perspective can be really helpful.

Let’s brainstorm some potential solutions together. What are some things that might help you feel more in control of your situation?

Remember, it’s not about fixing the problem right then and there. Your role is to support and guide them towards finding their own solutions.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but I’m here to support you while you figure it out.

That’s a great idea! What do you think the first step would be in making that happen?

Finally, be patient and understanding. Recognize that feeling stuck can be a complex and ongoing issue. Let them know that you’re in it for the long haul.

I know this isn’t something that will get fixed overnight, but I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Remember, progress isn’t always linear. It’s okay to take things one step at a time.

You’re not alone in this. I’m here to support you, and we’ll get through it together.

In conclusion, when someone confides in you that they’re feeling stuck, remember that your role is not to fix the problem, but to support and guide them towards finding their own solutions. By acknowledging their emotions, helping them identify the source of their stuck-ness, exploring potential solutions together, and being patient and understanding, you can help them feel heard, seen, and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

Be kind ❤

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