What to say when someone asks “What’s the point of…”

Navigating conversations with family members can be tricky, especially when they start questioning the purpose of something. Whether it’s a hobby, a goal, or a dream, being asked What’s the point of… can be frustrating and deflating. However, with the right approach, you can shift the conversation from skepticism to understanding and even enthusiasm.

When someone asks What’s the point of…, it’s essential to acknowledge their concerns and address their underlying questions. Here are some strategies and example sentences to help you handle the conversation effectively:

Acknowledge their concerns

Show that you’re listening and understanding their perspective. This helps to build trust and creates a safe space for an open conversation.

I understand why you might think that, and I appreciate your honesty.

Explain the benefits

Highlight the positives and the value that this activity or goal brings to your life. Be specific and provide concrete examples.

For me, playing the guitar helps me relax and express myself creatively. It’s a great stress-reliever and a fun way to challenge myself.

Share your passion

Convey your enthusiasm and passion for the activity or goal. This can be infectious and help your family member understand why it’s important to you.

I love photography because it allows me to capture special moments and tell stories. It’s an incredible feeling when I can share those memories with others.

Offer a solution or compromise

If the concern is about time or resources, suggest alternative solutions or compromises that can work for both parties.

I understand that you think I’m spending too much time on my art, but what if I dedicate one hour a day to it? That way, I can still pursue my passion without neglecting my responsibilities.

Education is key

If the person asking the question lacks understanding or knowledge about the activity or goal, take the opportunity to educate them.

Did you know that learning a new language can improve cognitive skills and enhance career opportunities? It’s not just about traveling, it’s about personal growth and development.

Make it relatable

Try to find common ground by relating the activity or goal to their own experiences or interests.

I know you love playing sports, and for me, playing the guitar is similar. It’s a way to challenge myself, stay active, and enjoy the thrill of improvement.

Don’t take it personally

Remember that their question is often based on their own concerns and biases. Stay calm, and avoid getting defensive or emotional.

I understand your concerns, and I appreciate your perspective. Maybe we can discuss this further and find a compromise that works for both of us?

Involve them in the process

Encourage them to participate or learn alongside you. This can help them understand the value and importance of the activity or goal.

Why don’t you join me for a photography walk? You can learn some tips and tricks, and we can make it a fun outing together.

Celebrate the journey

Emphasize the journey, not just the end result. Focus on the skills learned, the progress made, and the experiences gained.

It’s not about becoming a professional musician, it’s about the enjoyment, the learning process, and the personal growth that comes with it.

Be open to feedback

Show that you’re willing to listen and consider their input. This can help them feel heard and valued in the conversation.

I appreciate your feedback, and I’ll definitely take it into consideration. Maybe we can find a way to address your concerns together.

Here are some additional example sentences to help you respond to What’s the point of…:

I’m doing this because I want to challenge myself and push beyond my comfort zone.

This activity helps me connect with others who share similar interests.

It’s a way for me to express myself creatively and bring new ideas to life.

I’ve always been fascinated by this subject, and I want to learn more about it.

This goal aligns with my values and helps me work towards a greater purpose.

It’s a chance for me to step outside my comfort zone and develop new skills.

This activity helps me relax and recharge, which is essential for my well-being.

I believe that pursuing this goal can lead to new opportunities and experiences that will enrich my life.

It’s a way for me to give back to the community and make a positive impact.

In conclusion, when faced with the question What’s the point of…, remember to stay calm, acknowledge concerns, and share your passion. By using these strategies and example sentences, you can effectively navigate the conversation and turn skepticism into understanding and support.

Be kind ❤

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