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how to respond to “you’re very kind”

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When someone tells you that you’re very kind, it can be a wonderful feeling. It’s a compliment that highlights your positive qualities and can make you feel appreciated and valued. But, often, people struggle with the appropriate response to this type of compliment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ways you can respond to “you’re very kind” in different situations, to help you feel more confident and comfortable when receiving this compliment.

First, let’s start with a basic response. A simple “thank you” can be a great way to acknowledge the compliment and show your appreciation. This response is polite and appropriate for any setting or situation. You can also add a little more detail by saying something like

“Thank you, I really appreciate you noticing that,”


“Thank you, it means a lot to hear that from you.”

If you want to respond in a more personal way, you can try to relate the compliment back to the person who gave it. For example, you can say

“Thank you, I really appreciate that. You’re very kind as well”


“Thank you, I’m glad I can make a positive impact on someone like you.”

This not only acknowledges the compliment but also helps to build a deeper connection with the person who gave it.

Another way to respond is to use the compliment as an opportunity to express humility. For example, you can say

“Thank you, but I still have a lot to learn”


“Thank you, but I know I have a lot of room for improvement.”

This response shows that you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and that you’re always working to be a better person.

If the compliment is coming from a colleague or a boss, you can use it as an opportunity to express your gratitude for the opportunity to work with them. You can say

“Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team”


“Thank you, it’s a pleasure to work with someone as supportive as you.”

If the compliment is coming from someone you’re dating, you can use it as an opportunity to express your feelings towards them. For example, you can say

“Thank you, you make me want to be a better person”


“Thank you, your kindness is one of the things I love most about you.”

In any case, it’s important to remember that receiving a compliment is an opportunity to show gratitude and humility, not to boast or brag. Always be sincere and show appreciation for the compliment. And remember, a compliment is not a sign that you should let your guard down, you should keep working hard to be a better version of yourself.

In conclusion, “you’re very kind” is a compliment that can make you feel great, and it’s important to know how to respond in a way that acknowledges the compliment, expresses gratitude and humility, and helps to build deeper connections with the people around you. Remember that a simple “thank you” can be appropriate in many situations, but you can also use the opportunity to express your feelings, gratitude or humility.

Be kind <3

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