How to respond to “Wow, you’re so inspiring”

When someone says Wow, you’re so inspiring, they might mean it as a genuine compliment, or they might be dripping with sarcasm. Either way, responding effectively can be a delicate art. Here are some strategies to help you navigate these situations with ease and wit.

The Sincere Route:

If you’re convinced the person means it as a genuine compliment, you can respond with gratitude and humility. Here are a few examples:

Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you!

I’m just trying to do my best, but I appreciate the encouragement!

That’s very kind of you to say, I’m just happy to be making a difference!

The Sarcastic Route:

If you’re reasonably sure the person is being sarcastic, you can choose to acknowledge the sarcasm or push back with a dash of humor. Here are some examples:

Oh, wow, I had no idea I was an inspiration to anyone besides my cat.

I’m glad I can inspire you to roll your eyes that hard.

Thanks for the backhanded compliment, I think?

The Deflecting Route:

If you’re unsure of the person’s intentions or just want to steer clear of controversy, you can deflect the comment with a witty remark or a subject change. Here are some examples:

Speaking of inspiration, have you seen that new movie/exhibition/book?

I’m more of an ‘accidental inspiration’ type, but thanks for noticing!

That’s cute, but let’s talk about something else… like the latest memes!

The Self-Deprecating Route:

If you want to show that you can take a joke and aren’t too full of yourself, you can respond with a self-deprecating comment. Here are some examples:

Yeah, I’m basically a self-help guru, minus the ‘help’ part.

Inspiring? Ha! I’m just winging it most of the time.

I’m more of an inspiration to procrastinators everywhere, that’s about it.

The Playful Route:

If you’re comfortable with the person and want to keep the tone light, you can respond with a playful jab or a tongue-in-cheek remark. Here are some examples:

Oh, you’re just saying that because you’re jealous of my mad skills.

Inspiring? You must be referring to my impressive collection of dad jokes.

I’m not inspiring, but I do make a mean grilled cheese sandwich!

In conclusion, responding to Wow, you’re so inspiring requires a mix of humor, tact, and self-awareness. By choosing the right tone and response, you can turn a potentially awkward situation into a lighthearted exchange. Remember, a well-crafted reply can be the perfect comeback – or even a great way to avoid one. So, the next time someone says Wow, you’re so inspiring, take a deep breath, smile, and respond with confidence!

Be kind ❤

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