How to react to “I got a compliment from my teacher!”

When your child comes to you beaming with pride, exclaiming I got a compliment from my teacher!, it’s an opportunity to shape their self-perception, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Reacting appropriately can make a significant difference in their development, so let’s explore some effective strategies and respond with care.

Firstly, acknowledge their excitement and validate their feelings. A simple yet enthusiastic response can go a long way:

That’s amazing, sweetie! You must be thrilled!


Wow, congratulations! I can see why you’re beaming with pride!

By doing so, you’re showing your child that you’re genuinely interested in their achievement and willing to share in their joy. This encouragement will help strengthen your bond and create a positive association with the experience.

Next, explore the details of the compliment to help your child process and internalize the praise:

What did your teacher say exactly? I want to hear all about it!


That’s fantastic! What do you think you did to earn such a compliment?

This not only helps your child relive the moment but also encourages reflection and self-awareness. It can also lead to a valuable discussion about the importance of hard work, perseverance, or good behavior.

Another crucial aspect is to help your child maintain a balanced perspective. While it’s essential to bask in the glory of praise, it’s equally vital to avoid becoming overly reliant on external validation. You can guide them toward self-reflection and introspection:

That’s wonderful, kiddo! But what do you think you did well that earned the compliment?


I’m so proud of you, but remember, your self-worth comes from within. You’re amazing regardless of what others say.

This helps your child develop a healthy sense of self-worth, recognizing that their value lies beyond external validation.

As the conversation progresses, be mindful of opportunities to offer guidance and wisdom. This might involve reminding your child of the importance of staying humble, the value of effort, or the significance of kindness:

Remember, sweetie, with great praise comes great responsibility. Keep being kind and helpful to others!


I’m proud of you not just for the compliment but for the hard work you put in every day. Keep that up!

To conclude the conversation, reinforce your love and support, ensuring your child feels seen and valued:

I love you so much, and I’m honored to be your parent. Keep shining, kiddo!


You know, kiddo, no matter what anyone else says, you’re an amazing person with incredible potential. Remember that!

By employing these strategies, you’ll create a supportive environment where your child can flourish, develop a strong sense of self, and learn to navigate the complexities of praise and validation.

As you navigate these conversations, remember that your response has the power to shape your child’s self-perception, confidence, and emotional intelligence. By reacting with care, empathy, and guidance, you’ll empower your child to grow into a confident, resilient, and compassionate individual. And when they come to you with their next triumph, you’ll be ready to offer the perfect blend of support and wisdom.

Be kind ❤

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